...dis me. (Last year. I have blonde hair again. But I really like this picture because it shows how happy pizza makes me.)

 ...dis me. (Last year. I have blonde hair again. But I really like this picture because it shows how happy pizza makes me.)

Once upon a time I made some homemade cheese and then my friends yelled at me until I started a blog.


Hi there! I'm Grace, South African born founder and haphazard ringmistress of the circus that is my blog (and soon-to-be-shop) Lekker & Liquor. Welcome to the delicious insanity!

I sometimes go by "Tig" around here as a shortened form of one of my nicknames, "Tigrita". My feisty mamma Gisela earned her own moniker of "La Tigra" ("The Tiger") at a young age, and as I've grown older I've been told I am more and more like her; thus, I am proud to honour her memory by carrying on the tradition of spicy, strong women--the little tigers of the world. Rawr.

Anyhoodles just as an FYI, this is not exactly your standard food blog.

I am not twee.

I am not capable of being twee.

Despite my life long quest to be as chic and flawlessly sophisticated as Blake Lively it ain't happening, and if I am, it is an accident I assure you.

What I am is honest, real, up front, sassy, and I am told also vaguely amusing on occasion. This means you aren’t likely to see any fancy foodie photos here, or super complicated recipes calling for the sweat of a young female yak harvested at the new moon. I really just don’t have the time or desire to be messing around with a DSLR when I’ve just concocted something delicious--I would rather be stuffing it into my face--and do you *know* how much attitude those yaks can have? So! I do the best I can with what I’ve got, which is usually my iPhone and some editing apps.

I like food that's like me: straightforward, cheerfully bullshit-free, fun, and reasonably healthy.

(Also delicious, but I can't find a way to say that without insinuating that I think I'm delicious as well. I don't know if I'm delicious. Shall poll the exes and get back to you.)

I like drinks that are like me: drunk.

Take a look around, drop me a line, follow my shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram (@tigrita_thelittletiger) and Twitter (@LekkerLiquor), and make something delicious tonight.

Oh, and please don't be a jerk and steal my shit. Unless otherwise noted everything (both photos and written work) is original content and copyrighted by Lekker & Liquor.