Stuff Yo Face

My name is G and I'm a Foodstagram wench. I admit it! 80% of my Instagram feed is the food that I grow, buy, prepare, plate and ultimately stuff my face with. That's why this blog is here, because the shit I make is simple and delicious but not so simple that the instructions for replicating it can fit in an Instagram comment. That's the point of making good food, to share it.


I called this blog "Lekker & Liquor" because I was born and (mostly) raised in South Africa, and "lekker" is a slang word for awesome, cool, righteous and epicly chill, and that's the kind of food I aim to make. And "liquor" because, well, didn't you hear me? I'm from South Africa (and a bit from Germany and a bit from Latin America) and we only drink on days that end in "y". Good booze goes with good food like white on rice and some days there is no sweeter sound than that of ice being shaken up inside stainless steel.

About my kitchen: I lucked out with finding a bomb-ass housemate on Craigslist, TB, who happens to be a kitchen and bath contractor--so our kitchen is AWESOME. This is not normal for a 22-year-old, trust me, I know I'm lucky. Due to my general passion for food and cooking, I also have a few more specific tools and skill sets than the average person my age but whatever, I promise the stuff I make is easily replicable by anyone.

What you won't find here is fancy food photography (come on, please, this is the iPhone generation and Instagram and Picstitch are my friends) or pretentious hipster cocktails with 13 different ingredients, one of which is the tears of the parents who put those kiddies through interpretive dance school or whatever. I am inherently lazy and I like to get the vodka inside me sooner rather than later.

That's about it for now. Bottoms up, amigos!

Posted on August 13, 2013 .