Lagniappe: My Life is a Dumpster Fire, or, Why I Haven't Been Writing

It's been about two months since my last posting, and this time I don't have a study abroad semester in Rome to explain it away.

The truth is, my life is a dumpster fire.

Not only is this the toughest and most time consuming semester of college thus far but my personal life is also a shambles as well. I've always been a big advocate of mental health awareness so I have no shame in sharing that due to these issues and others I find myself back in a therapist's office regularly.

I'm also back on medication to manage my anxiety, which has been a fluctuating condition most of my life but recently has spiraled out of what I can control by myself. I also have a history with depression and am actively battling against it to prevent a real downhill slide.

THAT SADNESS ALL SAID, I am optimistic that this is all just a temporary condition (nothing in life is permanent) and I'm lucky to have great medical care, but nevertheless it is greatly impacting my day-to-day and therefore this site.

Recently I had someone criticize me for being an "uncommitted businesswoman" for not keeping up with L & L, and I have to say I refute this accusation 100%. What really makes a successful businesswoman?

Knowing her priorities. Knowing what's important to being ultimately successful.

Right now, I know that doing well in these classes and continuing the grind towards my degree HAS to be my main priority. That shouldn't, and does not, take away my passion for Lekker & Liquor and the plans I have for my writing career. Believe me it kills me that I don't have the time or the creative energy to write and be involved with the F & B community, but to be frank, when every ounce of your mental and emotional energy literally goes into surviving the day in one piece, what is left? Not much.

So, in the meantime, keep cooking my friends! Scroll through the archive and give one of my older recipes a whirl. Tag me in your nommies on Instagram (@tigrita_thelittletiger) so I can live vicariously through you, or Tweet at me at @LekkerLiquor. You can also post your food porn to our Facebook page. Depression and anxiety are assholes and make communication really difficult sometimes so I might not always respond, but I promise I do read everything and it does help tremendously.

I'll be back.

Posted on October 5, 2015 .