Lagniappe: Meow! Squee! AHHH!

These are all just conglomerations of what I'm feeling right now: excited, thrilled, panicky, overwhelmed, pumped, and also a little hungry. (Always.)

HI GUYS! This is the first blog post on my BRAND NEW SITE! WOO! In just a couple of months I will hit the two year mark of having accidentally started this little blog, and I honestly can't believe you people are still voluntarily reading this weirdness.

It all started because of this:


...which actually came after months of me trying to explain other recipes over Instagram. From that one Instagram post we now have this super slick new site with all sorts of snazzy features, a newsletter you can sign up for that'll send you awesome recipes whenever I can remember to send it, and COMING SOON even an e-store that will sell some kickass doodads for your kitchen. The e-store will also play host to my biggest project yet: authoring and publishing a series of unique recipe books. The first one is underway and I am scared completely shitless, but you guys are awesome and make me feel like it might be cool anyway.

My blog posting has been basically nonexistent for the past six months because I've been studying abroad in Rome, Italy, and blogging about that elsewhere but this summer I'm gonna have tons more content coming at you. I've since moved from Rome to New York to study up on the slow food movement and get a primer on traditional Greek cooking from a bunch of actual crazy Greeks. (Surprise--I fit in just fine.)


Some things have changed a lot since the beginning...

• the look and feel of the site
• <--- the logo (designed by my incredibly patient and creative godsister Bo Ashley, whose graphic design and architecture work you can check out here)
• my e-mail address (now
• my career (paralegal → full time college student again)
• my address (I've moved 6 times since we started)


And some things have definitely not!

• I'm still passionate about balanced, delicious food and sharing the good stuff (both recipes & info) with you.
• I still drink. Duh.
• I still try to find creative ways to say the F-word without actually saying it because my Dad doesn't like it and I like him.

But above all else, I'm still thankful for all the support and encouragement I've gotten for this site. My tribe is amazing. It's so much fun to share my foodie adventures with you guys, and I love hearing about yours. Feel free to like and share the Facebook page, follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or PIN ME!

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime~be rad and do rad stuff.


Posted on June 15, 2015 .